Adult Korean Intercountry Adoptees: A Resource for Adoption Practice

Published Oct 16, 2012

ABSTRACT The author shares a personal narrative of her efforts to establish an adult intercountry adoptee organization in New York City. These efforts coalesced with a national movement of adult intercountry adopted Koreans culminating in the Gathering of the First Generation of Adult Korean Adoptees, held in Washington, D.C. in 1999, and the Second Gathering… Read more

A Case of Trickle-Down Feminism

Published Sep 4, 2012

 ABSTRACT “Trickle-down feminism,” a notion that rights and privileges enjoyed by an elite group of women will trickle down and benefit the majority of women, is wholly ineffective in promoting positive social change. It should be replaced by the principles of equalism, a belief in the value and responsibility of all people. Social workers, through… Read more

Attrition Risk and Resilience Among Sexual Minority College Students

Published Mar 19, 2012

  ABSTRACT Retention is one of the most frequently studied issues regarding college students. Most of this research has focused on majority college students, e.g., White, middle-class. More recently, retention literature has expanded to look at reasons why minority (e.g., non-White, disabled) college students decide to stay at or leave a university. Lesbian, gay, bisexual,… Read more