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Durrell Malik Washington

Durrell Malik Washington is a second-year Advanced Standing student at the Columbia University School of Social Work. At Columbia, Durrell Interns in the Safe Lab which is a research initiative focused on examining the intersections between social media and violence. Under the supervision of Dr. Desmond Patton, Durrell supports ongoing qualitative research using social media and other forms of technology to understand the context behind online language. Durrell also assists in developing linguistic algorithms, to equip an artificially intelligent chatbot (WYSA), specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, with the ability to serve as an intervention tool for youth of color. Durrell is a Beyond the Bars Fellow. The fellowship is built around helping students and community members develop a deeper understanding of mass incarceration and social change. Durrell’s interest centers on criminal justice reform, and the different nuances that leads to people of color entering the carceral state.